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Attend a seven-day Divine Principle workshop 1 hour per day of Divine Principle. Welcome to the DP Dojo, your online Divine Principle training ground.

Whether you’re new to the Divine Principle or a seasoned master, this is the place to gain powerful insights that will strengthen every aspect of your life. Check out the video above for a run-through of the dojo, then begin your training!

Watch 1 hour of 5 short videos as an overview of the DP

Watch 20 min to 30 min videos  for each chapter at

Read  The Exposition of The DP online:

Download  and Use  slides for each chapter to teach on your own:

Listening Blocks to Effective Communication & How To Overcome Them

Webinar, November 19th, 9PM (EST)

Quite often in marriage, or in any relationship for that matter, we have conversations where we don’t understand what the other person is saying or meaning, or they don’t understand us, which leads to misunderstanding, frustration, and even anger. Very likely, one or both of us have experienced a listening block that prevented understanding. Continue reading Listening Blocks to Effective Communication & How To Overcome Them

Top Gun 21 Day Global Workshop

Friday August 7–27th

Participants are invited to extend their time to attend the 3rd Anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa and Victory Celebration on August 28- September 1, 2015 and attend the World Carp Rally, True Father’s Seonghwa Anniversary, Victory Celebration and other key events happening during this time.

Location: Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center

Who:  Current or potential future leaders between 20-50 years old.

The latest news is that True Mother has offered to pay for the cost of the workshop in Korea, including food, lodging and travel during the workshop between August 7 and 27. Transportation to Cheongpyeong from Incheon airport will be covered.

Participants are only required to book and pay for their air travel to Korea.  There are many ways that financial support that can be solicited.  Let’s work together to support our young leaders!

Creating Possibilities – 1 Day Divine Principle Workshop

  • Explore and discover your potential.
  • Have you ever wondered why the human condition and state ofthe world is so broken?
  • Discover the answer to this and you will find your purpose and change your life.
  • Discover how YOU are the hope of the future.

Saturday, July 25th
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

NOVA Family Church Learning Center
9461-A Silver King Ct, Fairfax, VA 22031

$10 for registration includes lunch

RSVP:  703-255-5357 (Mrs. Yokoyama)